There is no intent to store and/or process personal information.

Due to the technical implementation of web technologies and HTTP protocol, some personal information like IP addresses can be stored in the web-server logs. This king of information from server logs can be used only for debugging purposes.

Cookies and local storage

No cookies are used by this server.

Browser stores some information locally to improve user experience. This mainly concerns selections of control switches and buttons. None of this information is sent outside the browser.


Geolocation information obtained by the browser is used only locally to show user position, and it is not sent outside the browser.


Some web pages show embedded third party web pages, e.g. Youtube videos. Effectively, this equivalents to as if user visited those pages, so privacy policies of those pages apply.

All embeddings are visible and obvious.

Camera image content

Airgaze has no direct physical access to cameras, and therefore cannot be responsible for the image content. In case of questions regarding camera image content please contact the camera provider. Information regarding camera provider can be seen by pressing on the information button in the bottom-right corner of the camera web page.